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These excellently designed shoe and has some out of ordinary features that are commonly sought after by both avid runners and those that run more leisurely and have become one of the most popular style from this brand, but Dual Fusion Run by Nike are not for everyone.



This cosmopolitan city broad is trying to peg men? I'm sure if a man did an opinionated essay on women, they would all be offended as "you don't know women. Only women knows what it's like to be a women". Fred Jones, that sounds like a great plan. Create kids everywhere and don't marry the moms. That works so well for society now. Of course when it is your own female child considering having kids of her own outside of marriage, well that's different. Naturally. All other women, who cares about them. Reference to foreign women is spot on. American women don't know how bad they look compared to others. Fly American airlines, then fly Korean Air. A gracious, pin perfectly groomed young woman will gladly help you, nothing is too much trouble. At American, a shaggy-hair elderly woman will scoff at your request, "hon, you'll be okay without it" Just an example.

So, according to this article, you are only an adult if you want to settle down and start popping out babies? And a "real man" is a man that wants to buy a house in the suburbs and have kids. What decade is this again? As a woman who has ambitions in life other than procreating, I find this article a tad offensive. I don't want children but am still leading a very rewarding and productive life and consider myself a responsible adult. There is nothing wrong with me for not wanting children or for choosing to spend my time working on things that I personally enjoy and there is nothing wrong with men who do the same thing.

Life is made for living. Any male that defines success at 30 by Ms. H's standards is delusional. Getting married and being serious in your 20's is not the point of being alive in the 21st Century. Dr. Drew once pointed out that people who marry in their 20's get divorced and people who marry in their 30's stay married. Getting serious in your 20's made sense in the 1930's when you were dead in your 60's. With life expectancy for today's 20 year olds hitting 80, males have more than enough time to get serious about life in their 30's. We encouraged our 2 sons NOT to marry until their 30's and use their 20's to explore life, have fun, find their bliss, meet some girls, so they could make good decisions they wouldn't regret in their 40's. So far at 29 and 33, they are on plan.

Check out YouTube videos of game shows from the 70's, such as Match Game. It's a reminder of what American women *used* to be. Feminine. Aspiring to be pretty. Sweet. Classy. Modest (which is sexy in its own way). Leaves us guys saying the same thing: Where have all the good women gone? If all us men cared about was someone who could run a big company, we could go homosexual and get the same thing. And don't at least some of you women miss being like that? Enjoying, preserving, adorning your femininity?

I do think the responsibility for our current societal state is shared equally by men and women; and, unfortunately, both genders seem to be rather in a mess these days. Seriously, though, there are still good men and women with 70's-style values in the West--they may be few and far between, but they're out there. --Although I'd probably also say that most of these traditional women are far more likely to be found reading Country Woman rather than the likes of The Wall Street Journal!


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